Meet the Authors

IMG_0252Autumn Bernhard is a journalism major in her sophomore year at Texas State University. Autumn was born and raised in Fredericksburg, Texas. She grew up where cows were pets and the size of your truck represented how popular you were. Being from such a small town, everyone knows everybody’s business before you do. This set her up for the need to get to the truth, so journalism was the obvious career choice for her. Autumn has always had a passion for sports, country music, agriculture, and traveling. Her dream career is to work at a magazine as a writer and photographer covering one of these topics such as Farm Journal, ESPN Magazine or Texas Highways. To get know Autumn, follow her on Twitter. You can contact Autumn at:

IMG_1587Timothy “Connor” Elkins is an electronic media major at Texas State with a minor in general art. Born in Baltimore, Maryland and raised in Austin, Texas, Elkins currently lives in San Marcos. After a long journey of set backs to get to Texas State, he transferred from Austin Community College focusing on radio, television and film. Elkins looks forward to becoming a part of the expanding gaming industry either creatively or as a journalist through social media such as Twitter and Tumblr. Elkins keeps himself busy by being a game journalist, film editor, and an obsessive Doctor Who fanboy. You can contact Timothy at:

IMG_9911Dylan Lochridge-Fletcher is a junior majoring in mass communication at Texas State University. She is minoring in art and design. She plans to graduate in May 2016. Fletcher was born and raised in Houston, Texas. There she developed her love for music and photography. She hopes to one day turn these passions into a career working for Alternative Press.  Fletcher splits her time three ways. A third of her time is spent working from home as Technical Support for Apple. The rest of her time is split between her on campus job in the teaching theater and her job as photographer for KTSW radio station blog. You can contact Dylan at:

20150321_213400Undria Wilson is a junior at Texas State University where she majors in electronic media. Born and raised in Galveston, Texas, she has a younger brother and multiple cousins. She is a lover of the Broadcast field and hopes to make a name for herself in TV and Radio in major markets in Houston, Atlanta, and then California. Her dream is to move to California and host her own show, become Editor-in-chief of Essence Magazine, start an organization designed to uplift self-esteem in young women of color and travel the world with her loved ones. You can contact Undria at:


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