By: Undria Wilson

Sitting in a chair, stringing a guitar with a change jar sitting next to her foot, Emily Herring holds the audience’s attention as she interacts with them before playing again.

Herring is a musician from Houston, Texas, and has been performing since she was 21 years old. Musicians such as Paul Simon, Willie Nelson, Dolly Parton and Lyle Lovett heavily influenced her desire to pursue country music. Although performing is her full time hobby, being a mechanic is the day job because it pays the bills, but, being a successful musician is her dream goal.

Emily Herring performing at the Annual Three Dudes Winery Crawfish Festival
Emily Herring performing at the Annual Three Dudes Winery Crawfish Festival

She describes her music as “classic” country mixed with western swing, Cajun, Zydeco and Tejano music, all of which have played a part in her musical sound.

“I’m really good at performing,” she laughed as she played with her phone. “I’m a lot better at it than I am at other things.”

Emily’s mother sat down beside her and patting her daughter on the shoulder. She smiled and joined in the conversation discussing Emily’s past performances when she was younger.

“Oh you were always good Emily,” her mother, Mary Bell, chimed in.

Herring has traveled all over the world, going on a Swedish tour and being nominated for the Ameripolitan Award and a Texas Music Award for Creative Excellence in 2014. She has released three albums and one EP, Your Mistake, which was her most recent album released last year.

Although Emily has been performing since her 20’s, she has graced the stage many more times than she has admitted.

“It depends on what you count,” Mary said as she sat joking with her daughter about past memories. “If you count the church choir then that’s when it started.”

Emily glanced over to her mother, dreading the continued discussion of her life.

“There ain’t no need for that,” Emily jokingly said. “I don’t count those years.”

Emily Herring with family
Emily Herring smiling ear-to-ear with her family. Photo by Undria Wilson

It was time for her to go back on after her mini study break but her family was there to keep her entertained for the time being. She got back on stage and with the charming personality, swooned the crowd to more country bliss.

Just by hearing her play, you can tell that music is her passion and it makes her happy. She hopes that others who follow in her footsteps believe in their dreams and never give up.

“Just because it doesn’t seem like it’s happening, doesn’t mean you will not make bigger strides than you already are,” Emily said.

For more information, you can visit her official website, Reverb Nation, Sonic Bids or her Facebook.


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