A Tasting of the Wines

By: Timothy Elkins

The Three Dudes Winery has a collection of wines each infused in a different way. Their wines range from sweet whites to dessert ports, each of which include a fusion of various fruits that give their whites and reds their own unique flavor.

Megan McGee, a junior at Texas State who worked at the event, explained how the Three Dudes get their wine.

All the grapes are imported from Lubbock, Texas. Some of the wines are delivered in a steel casing while some like the Texas Black Gold are transported in wooden crates to ferment in, according to Megan McGee.

Patrons who visit the crawfish boil can sample each of their seven wines. There are three whites, three reds and a port wine.

Chenin Blanc
Chenin Blanc

CHENIN BLANC – A white wine variety that has been fused with various fruits. The chenin blanc had a strong sharp taste, but was surprisingly sweet. The chenin blanc compliments well with seafood and was a light choice to start the crawfish boil.

WHITE ZINFANDEL – White zinfandel is a classic blushed wine. This pink colored wine is very sweet and refreshing, like drinking candy. This wine is ideal when eating spicy food. The white zinfandel can also be mixed into a refreshing slushy drink.

TEXAS WHITE – The most famous of Three Dudes Wine. This white wine is sweet balanced out with some acidity. It complements well with Cajun dishes.

Texas Red
Texas Red

TEXAS RED – The Texas Red is a combination of a merlot and cabernet sauvignon. This sweet, red wine has a interesting mix of flavors and a small punch to it. This red wine goes well with a barbecue.

MERLOT – This dark red wine was aged in a steel case. This merlot has an easy taste for being a dry wine. It offers a hint of fruit that mixes well with barbecue.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON – This red wine is infused with a combination of fruits. Cabernets tend to be strong, however it was surprisingly tart and sweet at the same time. This wine is another good choice with barbeque.

Texas Black Gold
Texas Black Gold

TEXAS BLACK GOLD – A dessert port wine is a great treat to finish the night with. It has a strong sweet taste and is surprisingly thick. This delicious wine is its own dessert.


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